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 Whether you’re looking for a moisture barrier before I install a sub floor on concrete or there is an existing subfloor that you’re looking to have tongue and groove hardwood flooring installed or repaired  I have The knowledge and experience to get the job done correctly with little or no risk.

Dust Containment System for Hardwood Floor Sanding

  With our Dust Containment System   Specifically designed for Sanding Hardwood Flooring it will leave the work area and your home dust free.  When it comes Staining Hardwood Floors guaranteed not to be blotchy. Consistent colors from the sides to the middle all the way in the corners will be the same color.  Our polyurethanes will be applied in the most professional manner.  The floor will not only look like your dream floor but will be Your Dream Floor. New or existing wood floor. 

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

 If you love wood floors and you want a great wood floor install,floor sanded and or finished I guarantee that you will be satisfied. I do the estimate and the work so there is no mistake or misunderstandin.I keep myself accountable.  License and Insured 


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Colonial Hardwood Flooring

I Love Hardwood Flooring projects large and small in  Long Island Please contact us at your convenience.  I look forward to meeting you soon and working something out. Long Island Hardwood Flooring Installation repair sanding refinishing hardwood floor refinishing

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